Pool Excavations - Geelong

We offer pool and spa excavation services to builders and homeowners around Geelong for a wide variety of properties and pool shapes. Whether you’re building a square or circular pool with concrete, fibreglass or tiles, we have the equipment to safely excavate your swimming pool. This type of earthmoving is more delicate and often times super limited access, due to the existing premises and fences. We have specialist equipment that is designed to safely navigate small areas with a tight turning circle to ensure we complete the dig with minimal impact to the property. Apart from the giant hole in your backyard of course. Depending on your location around Geelong and how close your property is to the coast line, we may encounter rocks and clay that require drilling. There are other hard materials frequently found underground during such project such as sandstone, shale, or concrete. 

New Pool geelong

This is why we do a full assessment of subterranean materials and assets such as pipes and cables before starting the job. Having drilling equipment ready and on site before the project begins allows us to efficiently complete the project without delays. If your pool requires both a deep and shallow end, it’s important that we cut the gradient accurately so achieve a smooth result with tilling.


Measuring and executing this slope is an essential part of the foundations of any new pool. We are also able to calve steps, segment pools, and other features into the ground to save the pool builder extra working laying new conrete. If you would like us to dispose of the excavated sand, soil, rocks and turf, we can arrange transport of this to the tip on your behalf. If you have any questions in regards to pool excavating give us a call now and we’ll be able to give you a no obligation quote for your project.

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